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Luxury Holiday Home Villa Rental in Ronda inland Andalucia Spain

A whopping seven meters from floor to roof.  Five meter high windows to match. That is the first impression you get from the villa when you walk through the beautiful old farmhouse doors. This stunning luxury holiday home & villa is in Ronda Andalucia, just 35 km away from the Costa del Sol. The villa was built to make a perfect match between the old and the new. Have a look at the photos.

The whole effect is one of light and space. The interior of this house is contemporary and sleek. Perhaps because of the simplicity of the interior design, and the lack of any irrelevant clutter. You feel a sense of calm and mental freedom, it really is refreshing.

This luxurious holiday villa is exactly what you need for a relaxing holiday. The house is big enough for 8-10 persons.

Beautiful gardens & swimming pool

The gardens in the back of the house give access to the 5 x 12 meter sized wimming pool. A beautifully designed step-stone stairway heads down towards the salted water pool. Loungers you will find everywhere surrounding the pool and house terraces, as well as parasols.

Modern design

Newly built to a modern design. The house was completed in 2011. It has up-to-date features in both its structural and interior specifications. The watchword here is ‘open plan’ on a grand scale, with maximum use of light and space. Although the colour scheme is monochrome and the effect is stylish with clean lines, it is never stark or clinical. For most of the year, the house is home to a lively young family whose big influence casts a happy, relaxed atmosphere over the whole place.

Bedrooms (4) & Bathrooms (4)

The villa has 4 bedrooms and the top floor is 120m2 in size. There are extra beds available, might your party consist of 9 or even 10. A baby cot is avialable.

Two hectares (4 acres) private olive grove

This luxurious Holiday Home is at a 3 minutes drive from the beautiful old town of Ronda, well known for it’s famous bull ring, extraordinary landscapes and the magnificent gorge where the old and new part of town are connected by it’s famous bridge.