Imagine a beautiful turquoise coloured lake bordered by pine forests. A tranquil retreat where you can swim, go canyoning, fish, or enjoy a picnic on the lake shore. Not so far from Ronda (Ardales) you will find an artificial lake created by a dam, known as the Garganta del Chorro. Watch out for the eagles which continually circle around the sheer cliffs.

Another lake to visit is the one at La Zahara, a lake that offers spectacular views of the Sierra de Grazalema and you will definitely enjoy a lunch at Al Lago. You can do free swimming in the lake or you can go to La Playita, a recreation area with swings and the shade of beautiful trees.


The entrance of the Cueva del Gato (Benaojan) can be seen from the road and railway. It’s called the ‘cave of the cat’ as its entrance is said to look like a cat’s head. This cave is the terminus of an underground river. You can have a cool dip in the small lake and be impressed by it’s waterfall. Bring some stuff and you have a nice day out.

A bit further on that direccion (from Benaojan towards Cortes de la Frontera) you will find Cueva de la Pileta. It is the most famous cave in the area, thanks largely to the prehistoric drawings to be found on its walls, and it attracts many visitors.

In for a longer ride, the caves of Nerja (near the beach) are impressive!


el toro blanco | ronda, andalucia